Seek Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident

Auto accidents are, unfortunately, fairly common in today’s world. Most of the time, these accidents are just minor fender benders. But while it may seem like just a small accident, almost all accidents cause some type of damage to your body due to the force of impact.  The saying among medical professionals is that if there is damage to your car, then there is damage to your body.  The problem with auto accident injury or pain is that it can sometimes be delayed, meaning you may not even realize you were injured in the car accident until the next day when your body is stiff and sore.  Because auto accident injuries don’t always present themselves right away, it is always best to ensure you receive proper treatment after an accident, even if you don’t think anything is wrong.  If you have been in an accident, even if it’s a very small fender bender, don’t hesitate to seek chiropractic care from a Chamblee chiropractor.

What Injuries Can Occur from an Auto Accident?

The type of injuries you receive from a car accident can depend upon the type of impact. Rear-ended crashes are the most common type of car accidents that occur across the country each year.  This type of auto accident can lead to a back or neck injury as being hit from behind causes the head and neck to be forced forward suddenly and then slammed backward into the seat.  This type of motion is what causes whiplash.  Symptoms of whiplash include headaches, stiff or sore muscles, decreased range of motion in the neck or spine, and an inability to turn the neck.  Other types of car accidents can also lead to back pain, specifically lower back pain, as the spine takes the brunt of the force of an accident.  Never underestimate the trauma that the force of an auto accident can cause.  Always listen to your body, take symptoms seriously, and seek medical attention as needed.  If neck or back pain after an accident is not taken care of promptly, then it can lead to chronic issues in the future.  Along with necessary medical attention, be sure to include chiropractic care from Chamblee chiropractor Dr. Esther Widjaja as part of your recovery process from an auto accident.

Don’t Just Mask Symptoms, but Find a Long-Term Solution through Chiropractic

When symptoms of whiplash begin to appear the next day, it can be tempting to just reaching for over-the-counter medication to relieve pain.  While this can help for a time, the problem is that pain will return once the medication wears off.  Instead of taking medications over and over again without the guarantee of relief from pain, turn to chiropractic care for a long-term solution to address pain.  What you may not realize is that a car accident can lead to spinal misalignments that are the root cause of back and neck pain and other health issues. Dr. Esther Widjaja of Phoenix Chiropractic can remove spinal misalignments through gentle chiropractic adjustments to restore function of the body to reduce pain and prevent problems from occurring in the future.  In one particular research study, it was found that out of 41 people who suffered from whiplash from a car accident, 66% of these people found relief through chiropractic care.  Chiropractic care can reduce inflammation, restore range of motion, and relieve soreness and stiffness so you can feel great once again.  If you live in Peachtree Corners, Chamblee, Duluth, Norcross, or any surrounding areas, contact Dr. Esther Widjaja of Phoenix Chiropractic after an auto accident for lasting relief.  We look forward to working with you toward achieving a happier, healthier lifestyle.



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