Natural Relief from Headaches and Migraines


For too many people, headaches and migraines are a daily and weekly occurrence. Headaches diminish quality of life (1) In addition, research is showing that these health problems can lead to increased rate of disability. Irritability, concentration, and productivity are all impaired, which in turn affect hobbies, work, and social life. It is no wonder that people in Duluth & Norcross are reaching out to any and all forms of treatment for their headaches and migraines.


Conventional treatment for headaches include the obvious- pill popping. While medications are a norm in American society, the question remains, “Are they actually helping?” Interestingly, a research study published in Cephalgia, an International Journal, the quality of life was lower in people who consumed medications on a regular basis compared to the headache sufferers who did not consume medication regularly 2. These medications are not solving the actual dilemma that migraine and headache sufferers face, “How can I get relief in the long-term?” Medications at their best will only provide temporary relief.



Many people wonder, “How can I help my headaches naturally?” In our office, headaches and migraines are one of the first symptoms that we see resolve in our office. Oftentimes, we are asked, “What is causing my headaches?” The misaligned neck bones can put irritation to the muscles as well as tension on the spinal cord, this can result in headaches. As we gently adjust the neck, headaches clear because we are correcting the root cause of the health issue.

Here is a recent review posted to Google by Rebecca:

Dr. Esther is HEAVEN SENT!! She was so gentle and patient with me. I wasn’t familiar with the  type of chiropractic care she offers when I found her. She took the time to educate me and answer all my questions. She created my treatment plan and we moved forward. (I was skeptical, not going to lie)  But sure enough, I saw changes, some I wasn’t even expecting. Most importantly – my debilitating migraines decreased in frequency and then ceased. Also, my digestion issue went away – bloating discomfort etc. I didn’t even know that was a benefit till I saw her. I was just going for a back ache that I had had for years after a pregnancy. Both of my children love her as well! She is gentle with them and helps them learn and have a good time at our appointments. They are almost never sick, they sleep better, function better, school is better. EVERYTHING!  I am 100% a forever fan of Chiropractic care, but I am even more a fan of Dr. Esther. Highly recommend! Just do it, make an appointment and thank her later. :-)”


Our Chiropractor local to Duluth & Chamblee regularly sees people have headaches reduce and resolve. We believe that your body is designed to be healthy, and we love seeing people get headache relief. Our care is gentle, and specific.  We are a quick drive from Duluth, GA and that’s why lots of families and your family included, can benefit from our amazing care.

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