Dr. Esther Widjaja | Clinic Director


Dr. Esther Widjaja hails from South Florida. She fled to Georgia due to the excessive rain and heat in Coral Springs, Florida. She is a member of Liberty church which she has been attending for the past 7 years. Due to a very tumultuous past health history as a young adult, and a miraculous change in health, Dr. Widjaja is passionate about seeing children grow up healthy and making neurologically-based chiropractic care accessible to families, especially children.

Her history includes serving as the Director for one of the nation’s top 10 chiropractic clinics. She is co-founder and co-president of the largest women’s chiropractic organization worldwide, the Extraordinary Women Chiropractors. The organization is currently raising money to build an orphanage and church in Mozambique Africa. In addition, she is on the Board of Directors for the spinal health nonprofit, Healthy Spines Initiative 501(c)3. She is deeply committed to seeing the health of the community changed from the inside-out. She loves service and providing answers and solutions that “fit.” Dr. Widjaja loves chiropractic, and she loves neurologically-based chiropractic for the hope it provides.

She is thankful to be born Asain as she attributes her youthful appearance to her genes and specific, scientific, chiropractic adjustments. All her friends get adjusted and they are often mistaken for teenagers. She gives glory to the Lord for the amazing health and healing that happens right here in Peachtree Corners in Phoenix Chiropractic.


More information on eWC: extraordinarywomenchiropractors.com

More information on the rain in Florida: https://www.currentresults.com/Weather/Florida/yearly-florida-rainfall.php



Dr. Bianca Oldershaw, D.C. | Associate Chiropractor

Dr. Bianca was born and raised in her beloved state of Pennsylvania. At a young age she had an enduring interest for the human body. She attributes this to her severe digestive and immunity problems she had suffered through as a child. As a result she wanted to find better solutions for her past health concerns. After high school through the guidance of a friend, Dr. Bianca discovered chiropractic care and the benefits it had to offer. While attending East Stroudsburg University during her undergraduate studies, Dr. Bianca interned at one of the largest family and pediatric chiropractic clinics in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This opportunity was a segue for Dr. Bianca, she watched families get well under chiropractic care and this fueled her desire to keep going in the direction of her health quest.

After graduating with her Bachelors degree in Biology, Dr. Bianca had the opportunity to attend, Life University in Atlanta, GA. There she expanded her learning past her curriculum and attended advanced seminars and trainings to further her knowledge. Through her extended education she is proficient in Webster Technique. This certification allows her to deliver specific and advanced attention to pregnant women. She is passionate to further her knowledge for the betterment of the community and believes principled chiropractic care is the foundation to optimal health.

Outside of the office, Dr. Bianca is an avid runner and is a member of The Atlanta Track Club. You will find her participating in many races and supporting the Atlanta community. Through the Atlanta Track Club she supports, “Kilometer Kids.” This is a youth running program that inspires youth to achieve health and fitness through a fun and supportive running program, empowering them to make smart lifestyle choices for years to come.