How Chiropractic Can Help You Combat & Overcome Addiction

When you visit Phoenix Chiropractic in Johns Creek, Dr. Widjaja and staff have a mission: to help you achieve optimal health. Dr. Widjaja and the staff want to not only treat your symptoms, but also address root causes of health issues. When this idea is paired with the fact that the US Department of Health and Human Services lists addiction as the leading cause of death and crime, it becomes evident that chiropractic care can be an essential part of recovering from addiction. To combat addiction, the overall health of the patient is important, and chiropractic care contributes to that in a holistic, safe, and effective manner.

How Does a Chiropractic Adjustment Impact Addiction Recovery?

To understand the connection between chiropractic care and addiction, the staff at Phoenix Chiropractic first helps practice members understand the connection between the spine and how the body functions, including succumbing to addictive behaviors. While there is no single cause of addiction, research has shown that certain things can lead to Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS), or an inability to feel hope or excitement. This feeling is what sparks drug use for many and is believed to be caused by a deficiency in a specific type of neurotransmitter. The spine is the body’s primary method for conveying neurotransmitters throughout the body, making spinal health a key part in addressing these imbalances.  The foundation of chiropractic relies on neurological concepts, and since addiction is rooted largely in neurology and the central nervous system, there is a natural tie between the two.

Natural & Safe Chiropractic Care

Many methods of combating addiction involve medication in addition to mental health focused interventions. While this can be very effective, medication is not always the best choice for those who already have addiction problems. Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to be a safe and natural method of beating addiction without causing the same side effects as more traditional methods. In fact, recent studies indicate that when chiropractic care is paired with rehabilitation programs, there is an increased success rate for long-term sobriety. MRIs taken directly after adjustments indicate that brain activity is similar to that seen after ingesting an SSRI, meaning that someone could experience the same benefits of medication without the harsh side effects.

Regular chiropractic adjustments may not be the full cure for addiction, but a relief in spinal nerve stress is sure to contribute to overall health and helping the body return to an improved state of being. By visiting Johns Creek chiropractor Dr. Widjaja, those suffering from addiction may be able to take a first step toward achieving optimal health. A single adjustment can begin to effect neurotransmitters, increase dopamine receptors, and therefore improve the ability to cope with external stressors. Studies also indicate that consistent chiropractic adjustments ensure proper release of neurotransmitters over time, helping to shape behavior on an ongoing basis. For any person suffering from addiction and considering making a change, the neurological benefits of chiropractic adjustments can be impactful enough to make each next step more realistic.

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