Ryan PhotoDr. Ryan grew up in Colorado Springs, CO in a chiropractic family, where his father is a chiropractor. He saw from a very young age the impact chronic health issues can have on a person and their families. He saw father’s unable to work, unable to play with their children. He saw mother’s unable to take care of their families. And he saw grandparents unable to enjoy their years of retirement. He saw multiple family members suffer from major health problems which were treated with harmful, unnecessary medical procedures.

All the while he witnessed healing miracle after miracle, neck pain, back pain, headaches, sinus issues, stomach issues, autoimmune problems and even infertility, People walked into his father’s office with these issues and left with none of them. These experiences sparked a fire inside of him to go forward and teach as many people as possible about the principle of chiropractic, which is to unlock the unlimited healing ability the body possesses from the day you are born, given to us from our creator, through specific scientific principled chiropractic care.

He met his wife Bessy Smith, while at school at LIFE University in Marietta, GA. She suffered from extreme neck pain and chronic headaches to the point where it was very difficult for her to function during the day and sleep at night. Through time and repetition under principled chiropractic care she broke free from those health problems and now lives a full life of joy. In August of 2014, they welcomed a son to the world, Jackson. And in April of 2016 they will be welcoming a baby girl to the family.

After graduation Dr. Ryan moved to Colorado with his family for a year to learn from and help grow his father’s office. During that year he was able to learn extensively from his father who has over 25 years of clinical experience. In that time he helped double the amount of people served from the previous year. Georgia was always on his mind however, and he returned in 2016 to duplicate those results, and help make our community one of the healthiest in the world through specific scientific chiropractic care. 

We can not express how much we look forward to serving you and your entire family.